Our New App

Our new app is almost ready to be downloaded from your app store.  We expect launch in the next few weeks.  We hope you find the new app to be fast, helpful and a efficient new way to book and pay for a taxi.

You can select which type of vehicle you want a normal car, a larger estate car or maybe you need to take a cat or dog with you to the vets.

Booking is easy

Booking a taxi to and from your favourite destinations is easy as the app will remember where you go and where you like to go as well as the most popular destinations like Asda or Tesco’s or the Hospital & Airport.

Then at the bottom select to pay by Cash or Card.

Now select when you want the taxi what date ?

Today, Tomorrow or Next Week

What Time ?

ASAP, 15 mins, 30 mins or specify a time

Finally Click Place Booking

The app will now send you a confirmation when the taxi is booked and give you updates where the car is and how soon it will arrive.